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    President Oration

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    Wang Weichuan, Chairman


     Life is like a dance, years like song.


     Facing the fierce market competition, we have been marching forward and developing steadily by adhering to the principal line of the market, the continuously intensive reform of the enterprise system reform, the business philosophy of integrity management, the distinct management concept, the entrepreneurial passion and the spirit of dedication;


     We are committed to the deep processing and recycling of cotton fiber, and strive to strengthen existing competitive advantages around the cotton industry chain;


     We have vigorously developed a group of modest, practical and sincere “leaders” and a team of operators regarding our enterprise as their lifelong pursuit of the career and skilled in keeping the market well in hand;


     Following the operating philosophy of “Stressing on integrity and prioritizing quality” and the corporate spirit of “unity, integrity, innovation, justice”, we exert ourselves to build our culture, to change management mode, to explore various incentive mechanisms and to build employee teams.


     We look forward to and warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with us to achieve common development and progress!