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    YinShan Business School is officially opened


      With continuous expansion of the enterprise scale, YinShan Cotton has established YinShan Business School to normalize employee training and fully improve the comprehensive quality of employees. Wang Weichuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors will serve as the President, and Su Ningdong, General Manager, and Cai Jiayu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee will serve as Vice President.

       On August 31, YinShan Business School was officially opened. During the opening speech delivered by Cai Jiayu, Vice President, he pointed out that since knowledge is as important as human blood, only learning can make people enjoy an interesting life. He called on colleagues that “Because many a pickle makes a mickle, we shall cherish time and work together to create a wonderful life via doing a little at daily time”.


       The first lesson of YinShan Business School was taught by Chairman Wang Weichuan -- Our Past and Future. He reviewed the development course of YinShan in the past nearly 2 decades, narrated the experience and lessons, elaborated the specific “14th Five-year Plan”, outlined the strategic goal, and summarized the concepts and principles that YinShan people shall adhere to at present and in the future.


       The Business School is built to cultivate and educate talents, to create the learning atmosphere of the enterprise, to promote learning and growth of all employees, and finally to realize the enterprise growth. The Business School will implement various learning activities irregularly to broaden employees’ perception and increase their knowledge reserve, so as to provide human resource support for the development of YinShan Cotton.