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    YinShan Cotton has signed the spunlace non-woven fiber project


      On January 26, Hefei Yinshan Cotton & Linen Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony with the People’s Government of Fanchang District, marking the official launching of the spunlace non-woven fiber project in Fanchang.

       Zhen Maoyun, Director of Municipal Social Security Council, Wang Weichuan, Chairman of Yinshan Group, Xiang Jihui, Party Secretary of Fanchang District Committee and Pan Junqi, District Chief witnessed the signing ceremony.

       With the planned land area of about 66,666 square meters, this project is another major construction item invested by Yinshan to expand development channels and create a new growth pattern with multi-point support in the field of cotton fiber deep processing. The Company will set up a new company here for developing producing and selling non-woven fiber made of pure cotton, viscose and other new materials to expand the industry layout of Comprehensive Health and to create new profit areas.